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  • Durability

    Iridak Steel trusses & Frames are extremely
    durable even in harsh weather conditions.
    The Zinc Alloy
    coating protects the steel from corrosion

    Termite, borer, dry-rot poof

    Structural failure can occur if the supporting
    members are weakened by attacks from insects and fungus. For Iridak Steel
    trusses & Frames, there is no danger of the material being eaten away by
    termites, white ants, borers, fungus, or other insects. Therefore the element
    of cost in using preservatives like solignum, creosote, dursban, etc is

    Environmentally friendly

    Iridak Steel Trusses & Frames does not emit
    any toxic substances harmful to the environment. No chemical applications or
    treatments hazardous to the workers and the end users are involved. Its 100%


    Non combustible

    Steel will not burn. Steel trusses are more
    fire-resisting than timber trusses. The non- combustibility of steel makes it
    the first choice for buildings with inflammable products.

    Precisely engineered

    Iridak Steel Trusses & Frames are fully
    engineered using a CAD based program designed to withstand wind loads and
    maintain structural stability across the system. It is a stable system with
    lateral and medial braces and straps to suppress uplift and side forces

    Flexible design benefits

    Iridak Steel Trusses & Frames has a freedom
    of design giving you excellent spanning ability to enjoy large open living
    Iridak Steel Trusses can be fabricated in any desired
    pattern to suit the architectural requirement. They do not have span
    restrictions .and as such steel trusses can be used for industrial buildings
    and other such structures where large areas are required to be covered without
    obstructions due to columns etc.

    Structural strength

    Iridak Steel Trusses & Frames is not only
    strong, it is light weight, having the ability to span greater distances
    between load bearing walls.
    The safe working tensile stress of steel is about
    20 times that of structural timber thereby making the steel trusses very rigid.
    This is on account of the fact that its angles can resist both compressive and
    tensile stresses effectively. In addition, the system uses rigid bolt-like
    double- shear fastening technology to connect the chords and webs. This
    increases the rigidity and lateral strength of the system. The u-shaped chords,
    special fasteners and multiple web shapes make it the strongest and stiffest
    truss or frame system



    Iridak Steel Trusses & Frames are precision
    built with no shrinkage, twists, and cracks or warping. Your steel frame will
    remain straight and true for the lifetime of your home

    Value for money

    Prefabricated trusses and frames means faster
    erection, pre-punched service holes for plumbing and electrical can be
    installed quickly and efficiently. There is lower maintenance and Waste is
    minimized as little or no cutting of material is done at the site

    Peace of mind

    With Iridak Steel Trusses and Frames, Building
    owners have their peace of mind knowing that their new or renovated home is
    strong, safe, straight and sound

  • Extremely Durable even in harsh conditions
  • Termite, Borer and Dry rot proof
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-Toxic
  • Fire Proof or Non combustible
  • Precisely engineered
  • Flexible Design Benefits
  • Efficient Installation
  • Structural Strength
  • Value for Money
  • Quality – Straight and True
  • Peace of mind